Our Knights of Columbus Council is involved in numerous activities throughout the year that benefit both our community and parishes.  While this list is not all inclusive; below is a sampling of events that we participated in during the past calendar year.

The Knights help others in many ways; sometimes it is through our collective manpower as an organization, and sometimes it simply involves fundraising activities.  Throughtout the year, the Father Joseph D. Gallagher Council 3673 Knights of Columbus members donate their time and talents to helping individuals or organizations that need our assistance.

There is one frequently heard comment that occurs regulary when the Knights are together discussing an activity or event in which we have just participated.  That comment in its various forms is, “I can’t believe that we accomplished all of that, in such a short amount of time.”  Hearing statements like that makes the Knights proud that we can count on our brothers and their families to make what can initially seem overwhelming at times to in actuality be something that is very simple and achievable.

Sampling Of Our Activities And Events

The Father Joseph D. Gallagher Council 3673 Knights of Columbus (Holy Trinity) has, in the last five years, donated in excess of $10,000 to various parish projects and other charitable organizations.  Some examples include:

  • Knights of Columbus projects
  • Donating televisions for the RCIA program
  • Donations to the Holy Trinity Cub Scout Pack
  • Knights of Columbus Youth Free Throw Contest
  • Sponsored development of the Holy Trinity Memorial Garden
  • Contribution for Pastor’s Bricks for the Holy Trinity Memorial Garden
  • Annual 8th Grade Graduation Awards for a boy and girl in Holy Trinity School’s Graduating Class
  • Priest Retirements
  • Dalmatic for Deacon
  • Donated Tables and Chairs for Holy Trinity School Hall
  • Donation towards new roof for Holy Trinity Church
  • Annual donation to Seminarian
  • “Keep Christ in Christmas” Billboards
  • Donation for name plates in Hymnals
  • Miscellaneous contributions to Holy Trinity School
  • Donation for floor scrubber for Holy Trinity School
  • Bibles for the PREP Program
  • Donation to St. Charles Seminary First Theology Dinner
  • Donated bookshelves for Trinity Hall
  • Sponsor Holy Trinity Summer Basketball Team
  • Donation to Conwell Egan Ice Hockey Team
  • Donation to Bristol Council Knights of Columbus Track Meet
  • Donation to the American Red Cross after 9/11
  • Sponsored a trip to Constitution Hall for Holy Trinity School students
  • Supported Boy Scout Troop 210

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